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What is Spark hotel?

Spark is a free virtual world where you can chat, walk, and friends can meet. It is also possible to create your own virtual room you can then build rooms, meet others and most importantly have fun.

What can you do in Spark?

In Spark You can make new friends. chat with other Sparks make a game of football or assist cozy to build a nice room. It's all in Spark!

More than only games...

Styling your avatar to the latest fashion trends is not the only way to have fun Spark. Want to be the architect of the century and dazzling designs buildings? Then Builders Club is definitely for you! Want to show how good you are at making games and impress all your friends? Then join our competitions! Are you crazy selfies and funny pictures? Our camera feature guarantees unlimited fun!

Play free, for ever!

Spark is a free game, so you can explore a huge world filled rooms, complete quests, chat and win prizes without you ever having to pay!
Some extras in the game as pets, Spark Club membership, Builders Club membership and can be purchased with furniture. Spark Credits. For more information you can find about this in-game extras in Spark shop.